The political far-right has taken to using rhetoric of free speech to justify and obscure their acts of violence and oppression towards marginalized communities and alternative political viewpoints. Driven to support these far-right forces the Ford Government, put forward a new directive for universities and colleges in August 2018 to implement new ‘free speech’ policies which restrict freedom to dissent on campus and protect the far-right. These processes are on going at these institutions, including Carleton.

But who gets left out of these narratives? What communities get left behind? And what are we going to do about it? Together, let’s fight back and ask FREE SPEECH FOR WHO?

  • OPIRG Provincial Board Statement on Free Speech Directive

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Take Note!

OPIRG (Ontario Public Interest Research Group) and CDAC (Carleton Disability Awareness Centre) have both received concerns about how note-taking operations at Carleton University have been negatively impacting students. We want to get your feedback to develop a campaign (“Take Note!”) to address these concerns in a collaborative and meaningful way for students all across campus. The survey will be available in paper, online, and in-person!

Take the “Take Note!” Survey!