This section is dedicated to information regarding the range of resources offered at OPIRG-Carleton. These resources are available to EVERYONE.

These resources include: Training, Library, Free Store, Space, Bursaries, Events and Financial Information.


EVERYONE is welcome to use our library. Books, documents, periodicals, zines, videos, and DVDs are available ranging on a variety of topics:

  • Environment
  • Canadian Governance
  • Women, Gender and Sexuality
  • Native Peoples
  • International Issues
  • Low Income
  • Labour
  • Health
  • Prison and Criminal Justice
  • Race, Ethnicity and Culture
  • Disability
  • Education Systems
  • Energy
  • Communication and Technology

To view our resources online, go to:

Here is a up-to-date library catalog which is still in the process of being finished.

Our library is located on the 3rd Floor of the UniCentre, Room 326.

BUDGET: OPIRG-Carleton 2014-2015 Budget


We have reserved a space outside of our office for our “Free Store”. Here you can find a variety of items: clothing, books, binders, etc. Please feel free to drop off items or pick up items.


In addition to offering the Luther-Macdonald Bursary, Undergraduate Student Bursary, and International Student Bursary, OPIRG-Carleton provides a $500 Research Bursary annually to a Carleton graduate student whose research projects falls within our mandate of working on environmental, social and economic justice issues.

OPIRG Carleton works on environmental, social and economic justice issues. We encourage Graduate students working in these areas to apply for the Terry Cottam Bursary.

Terry Cottam campaigned tirelessly for human rights and inspired many people to connect with his vision of a better Earth. He was a valued Contributor to many causes. To read more about Terry Cottam see:

The Terry Cottam Research Bursary application will be available in the 2015 winter semester.


Need some equipment for your event or project? OPIRG has a projector, button-maker, video camera, and coffee urn which you use. We also have a friendly office with computers and software, as well as a photocopier.