CUSA releases the improperly withheld OPIRG student levy

Dear members of OPIRG

We write to inform you that on Monday December 9th evening OPIRG-Carleton, after being forced to seek legal counsel, successfully recovered its levy cheque from the Carleton University Students’ Association executive. While we are pleased to know that students’ membership fees are safe, we are nonetheless disappointed that CUSA refuses to acknowledge their lack of authority and jurisdiction over OPIRG’s levy and has threatened to withhold it again in the future. OPIRG, a legally independent organization, goes above and beyond standard requirements to demonstrate financial accountability to its members, the students of Carleton. We wish to ensure our membership that we will continue to oppose all forms of bullying against independent organizations on campus. OPIRG will continue to contribute to building positive change at Carleton and to ensure that students’ democratic voices are respected.

We are profoundly grateful for, and inspired by, the continuing support of our members.



OPIRG-Carleton Board of Directors (2013-2014) and Staff"

Posted on December 10, 2013 .