Let's Decolonize Campus Zine Call Out Due March 31!

lets-decolonize-campus-zine-calloutFor our Letʼs Decolonize Campus! zine report, we encourage members of the Carleton community to submit writing, photos or artwork that reflects the diversity of their struggles and successes in making this campus theirs, and a better place for everyone. This zine is framed partly as a response to Carleton's Commission on Inter-Cultural, Inter-Religious and Inter-Racial Relations on Campus report. This report emerged as a clear condemnation of Palestine solidarity organizing on campus with only a token acknowledgement to the struggles Aboriginal students face in academic institutions and at Carleton specifically, as such, it denied the true experiences of the diverse student (and staff/faculty etc!) population on this campus and the intersectional nature of their struggles. This is why we are making space for them now ourselves. Through this zine project we aim to broaden our lens to look at issues of oppression in a more inter-locking and inter-sectional way. Through this, we'd like to identify where decolonizing approaches are needed and how we can move forward, for real and not for pretend! Send submissions to: OPIRGCarleton.board@gmail.com

Posted on March 4, 2013 and filed under Events.