OPIRG Carleton's response statement to member of the Board of Governors racist comments

Last week Zane Colt, Carleton’s undergraduate representative on the board of governors, used his public Twitter account to make a racist comment directed towards Arab students on campus, specifically Palestinians. Mr. Colt expressed his “frustration” with seeing numerous students wearing the keffiyeh, a traditional Arab headdress which is often worn to express solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for liberation.

As a campus organization with an expressed mandate of challenging all forms of oppression including racism, OPIRG-Carleton strongly denounces Mr. Colt’s comments. These words would be abhorrent coming from any student; however, they are all the more egregious given the fact that they were made by a student representative in a position of power who claims to represent all undergraduate students. Not only do Mr. Colt’s hateful words clearly indicate that he fails to represent all of Carleton’s students, but worse show us that he cannot respect their diverse backgrounds and political views. As such, the only suitable response would be for Mr. Colt to immediately resign from his position as undergraduate representative. If he does not resign, OPIRG-Carleton calls on the Board of Governors to relieve Mr. Colt of his responsibilities.

OPIRG-Carleton reaffirms not only its commitment to building a safe(r) campus free of racism and other oppressive attitudes, but also its commitment to supporting the Palestinian people in their struggle against Israeli colonialism and occupation.

— OPIRG-Carleton Board of Directors


OPIRG Carleton Statement to Colt's racist comments

Posted on January 17, 2013 and filed under Announcements.