Referendum results demonstrate overwhelming student support for OPIRG-Carleton!

On April 3rd and 4th, 2013, Carleton undergraduate students voted on a referendum question to abolish the levy for OPIRG-Carleton. OPIRG-Carleton is thrilled to announce that 71 per cent of voters cast their ballots against the elimination of the levy. This victory has a much more profound significance, however, than maintaining a $3.42 per semester levy. It is a vote that represents a clear and cohesive vision for our campus, one where progressive politics can thrive. It is a vote that decisively speaks to students’ progressive values to support social justice and important environmental initiatives on campus and in the community. This is not just a victory for OPIRG-Carleton, but a victory for Carleton students and the Ottawa region. It also marks a victory for PIRGs across the country that have witnessed a coordinated and concerted attack from the conservative movement in Canada. We see this victory as indication that such attacks do not align with the values of the common student.

Thank you to the flood of volunteers who helped fight against the attack on OPIRG and campaigned inspirationally for each and every vote. Thanks to the many student groups and clubs that took the time to not only learn more about OPIRG, but put their full support behind this important organization on campus. To the conservatives that brought this attack forward in the first place, thank you for inadvertently raising the visibility of OPIRG-Carleton. Because of this campaign, so many more people are taking an interest and becoming active in the organization and its working groups.

We celebrate this strong confirmation of students’ commitment to social and environmental justice. OPIRG-Carleton is proud of its 33-year history and is looking forward to a new generation of students who will continue working on important initiatives and campaigns for the next 33 years and undoubtedly beyond.


Posted on April 11, 2013 and filed under Events.