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Membership Advisory: OPIRG-Carleton signs License Agreement for its Longtime Office Space

Wednesday July 29th 2015 - After 3 weeks of mobilizing support in the face of a termination notice to vacate room 326 Unicentre, OPIRG-Carleton has signed a new license agreement for its office space of 27 years.  The agreement is for a term of 7 months beginning  August 1st 2015 and running through to January 31st 2016. 

Over the past 35 years, OPIRG-Carleton has supported hundreds of campaigns, projects, and initiatives, and touched the lives of thousands of people at Carleton and in the wider community. The support of students and the wider community is greatly appreciated. Indeed your messages of OPIRG-Carleton’s significance to you and the community fueled the organization's resolve to maintain its office or seek a comparable space.

OPIRG-Carleton is appreciative that CUSA was able to advance its co-working space for Clubs & Societies without requiring OPIRG to downsize its office and thanks the CUSA executive for recognizing the importance of OPIRG to the campus community as a vital resource to students.

With OPIRG-Carleton’s space secured, the organization looks forward to focusing its resources on supporting grassroots initiatives for social and environmental justice and welcomes your continued participation. August will involve preparing for a radical welcome week for students in September, planning a public interest school decolonization conference, and supporting the work of OPIRG’s 14 working groups.

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Membership Advisory: OPIRG-Carleton in Negotiations to Maintain 326 Unicentre

Monday July 27, 2015 - It’s been just over two weeks since OPIRG-Carleton launched its campaign for public support in the face of a termination notice to vacate room 326 Unicentre by July 31st. While the termination notice remains, OPIRG is pleased to announce negotiations are under way to secure a new lease for room 326 Unicentre that would commence on August 1st. 

Over the past 35 years, OPIRG-Carleton has supported hundreds of campaigns, projects, and initiatives, and touched the lives of thousands of people at Carleton and in the wider community. We greatly appreciate the support demonstrated over the past few tumultuous weeks and would like to express our sincere gratitude to everybody who has been patient with the overall strategy we have embarked on, one of diplomacy and negotiations.
We would also like to thank the CUSA executive for recognizing the importance of OPIRG to the campus community as a vital resource to students. As soon as negotiations are finalized we will notify our members and supporters

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Membership Advisory: OPIRG STILL Facing Eviction

Short Summary: The threat is real and time is ticking but there is some indication that OPIRG may be able to keep room 326 UC. We need to keep steadfast in our efforts to #SaveOPIRG!
Action Items (more details below): 

 Friday July 17th 2015 - It’s been one week since OPIRG launched its campaign for public support in the face of an impending eviction from room 326 Unicentre. OPIRG-Carleton remains committed to finding a solution that will ensure it maintains an office of similar size and centrality in the Unicentre and is optimistic that the CUSA executives will work with OPIRG to do so. Yet OPIRG-Carleton also recognizes the clock is ticking for the organization, as the July 31st eviction notice still stands.

As you may recall,  after 27 years of tenancy, Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) President Fahd Alhattab served an eviction notice to OPIRG requiring the organization to vacate room 326 of the Unicentre before July 31st 2015. The CUSA executive originally rejected OPIRG’s July 8th proposal to renew OPIRG’s lease and initiate discussions to reach a mutually beneficial outcome but have since indicated that OPIRG remaining in its space may be possible.  
Recent years aside, OPIRG and CUSA have worked collaboratively for decades and the cooperation between the organizations has been to the benefit of students.  OPIRG-Carleton is hopeful that President Alhattab and the executive team at CUSA will follow through with their promise to renew good relations with OPIRG and support the call of the students and community to #SaveOPIRG!
In the spirit of collaboration and open discussion towards finding a solution that works for all organizations and groups involved in providing services to students, OPIRG is inviting the staff and executive of Carleton’s student unions, service centre coordinators, and National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS) staff for a discussion about space needs and allocation.
OPIRG Timeline: 35 Years in the University Centre (UC)

  • 1979, OPIRG was established as a CUSA Club
  • 1981, 80% of voting students institute OPIRG as a levy-funded independent campus group and OPIRG begins renting space from CUSA in the UC
  • 1983, UC stakeholders and OPIRG collaborate and arrange new campus space for OPIRG
  • 1988, OPIRG and CUSA negotiate to establish OPIRG’s move to 326 UC  where OPIRG has operated for the past 27 years
  • 2013, 70% of voting students assert support for OPIRG’s presence on campus
  • June 15 2015, CUSA executives indicate they plan to evict OPIRG from 326 UC and propose room 127B UC as an alternative space. 127B UC is 73% smaller than OPIRG’s current 552 square foot office. 
  • An eviction notice dated June 29th 2015 indicates OPIRG has until July 31st 2015 to vacate.
  • July 8 2015, OPIRG’s proposal to CUSA to extend OPIRG’s lease to room 326 UC while continuing conversations about how to reallocate Unicentre space is rejected by CUSA executives. 
  • July 9 2015, OPIRG releases a membership advisory regarding the pending eviction and solicits support.
  • July 14 2015, OPIRG’s board of directors sends a letter to the CUSA executives encouraging the executive to reconsider its July 8th proposal and indicates it will continue to discuss logistical issues regarding room 127B. The CUSA President and VP Finance Craig Handy come to the OPIRG office, within two hours of the letter being sent, and present a space configuration that would see OPIRG remain in room 326 UC provided OPIRG agrees to a joint media statement and a new lease that may include increased rent. A few hours after the meeting OPIRG receives an email from President Alhattab stating “(...) the proposed plans are not final, and are still subject to variables, due to the several moving pieces. Once plans are final, you will have it in writing of what will be going forward.”
  • July 15th 2015, OPIRG’s board of directors sends CUSA a letter outlining the option presented by President Alhattab and VP Finance Handy and asks for confirmation that the termination letter has been rescinded and for a timeline of when the draft lease renewal and draft press release will be sent to OPIRG.  No response is provided but at a general meeting held the evening of July 15th, President Alhattab clarifies is he not promising anything and that the July 31st eviction deadline remains. He also explains that the potential space shuffle that may occur would see the Food Centre remain in what was the Spot, Henry’s expand to sell CUSA merchandise, the Communications office open in what was the Food Centre (426i) and NEADS move to 127B UC, opening up the back office behind Clubs and Societies to allow the front space to be a co-working space. 

OPIRG Board of Directors’ Recommendations for Moving Forward 
OPIRG continues to strive for an outcome that will allow the organization to maintain its track record of excellent service on campus and in the community. Your support is greatly appreciated. 
Please consider taking action in the following ways: 

  • Write your CUSA councillors and executives to: Commend the executive in their attempt to find a solution that enables OPIRG to remain in its current space and Insist CUSA extend the eviction deadline by rescinding the letter of termination so that OPIRG and CUSA can work toward renewing OPIRG’s lease or toward finding comparable space in the Unicentre. 
  • Sign the petition and encourage others to do the same.
  • Join us on Thursday, July 23 (11:30am-2:30pm) in the space between the Unicentre and Architecture Building for a free bbq (food starts @ noon while supplies last) and celebration to #SaveOPIRG!
  • Attend the CUSA council meeting on Monday July  20th, 6pm in Room 608, Robertson Hall to show your support for CUSA councillors who support student space and transparent decision-making
  • Send us an email ( with a picture of yourself and why you want to #SaveOPIRG to use in our social media campaign.
  • Get involved with OPIRG’s campaign, including class talks, leafletting, tabling, general outreach.

For updates:

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Wednesday Weekly Newsletter - July 15, 2015

OPIRG Carleton's Wednesday Weekly is your newsletter portal to social justice events and Working Group activities on campus and in the community.
OPIRG-Carleton General Meeting
Wed, July 15, 6 PM @ 326 Unicentre, Carleton
OPIRG-Carleton is facing a July 31st eviction from room 326 of the University Centre. OPIRG was served the eviction notice from the CUSA executive without sufficient notice or appropriate consultation. OPIRG has been a part of the Carleton campus since 1979 and has operated out of room 326 UC since 1988. CUSA has offered to move OPIRG to room 127B of the Unicentre, which is 73 per cent smaller than OPIRG’s current space. OPIRG has asked the CUSA executive to rescind the eviction notice and engage in dialogue with our shared membership and affected groups regarding space reallocation in the UniCentre.
On Wednesday, July 15 at 6pm, OPIRG is hosting a general meeting in room 326 UC so that our undergraduate and graduate student members, campus community, alumni, and community stakeholders can come together to discuss the current situation and potential courses of action. Please join us.

State Invaders - CCPA Monitor Release Party
Wed, July 15, 5:30 PM @ House of Targ
The July-August issue of the Monitor focuses on Canada's love affair with investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS).
Octopus Book Club
Wed, July 15, 6 PM @ Octopus Books Centretown 
Harm Reduction Meet & Greet
Thurs, July 16, 1:30 PM @ Dundonald Park, Centretown

2015 Ottawa Int'l Drug Users Memorial
Tues, July 21, 10 AM @ Cathcart Park 
OPIRG Roots Radio
Next show: Tues, July 21, 12 Noon @ 93.1 CKCU FM / (every 2nd Tuesday). Now recruiting new hosts!! Contact:
FILM: Selma
Fri, July 24, 9 PM @ Dundonald Park
Under the Stars. FREE.
CKCU Picnic
Sat, July 25, NOON @ Britannia Park
As a show of appreciation, please join us for a relaxing picnic in the park! Bring your family or a friend and don't forget your blanket and/or lawn chair. Sandwiches, salads, deserts and drinks will be provided. Feel free to bring something if you feel inclined. Please R.S.V.P. to by July 21st to confirm guests and dietary preference (vegan, veggie, omnivore). We look forward to seeing you!!!!
QueerED: Picnic in the Park
Thurs, July 30, 3:30 PM @ Dundonald Park
Come on out to this sizzling summer edition of QueerED! We will be having a picnic in Dundonald Park, complete with board games and sports. We will be supplying food, but you are welcome to bring snacks to share. This event is open to all LGBTQ+ students at Carleton, U of O, Algonquin, or La Cité. Come on out to QueerED to socialize with other queer post-secondary students in an inclusive space!
Feminist (Indoor) Yard Sale
Thurs, July 30, 5 PM @ Atrium, Carleton
Need your fill of feminist stuff this summer? The Womyn's Centre is hosting a summer indoor yard sale! We will have folks selling clothes, books, crafts and handmade things! We still have a spot or two left so if you would like a table for *free* please email us at
*This is a free event and open to everyone*
July 30ths 5-8pm in the atrium between Roosters and Starbucks!
We will be selling our old feminist and women related literature - anything sold at our table supports us so we can buy NEW books for our library! So please consider stopping by :)
Bi'Giwen Indigenous Adoptee Gathering Karaoke Fundraiser
Fri, July 31, 7 PM @ Shanghai Restaurant
Seeking raffle donations for our raffle table. (If you have an item to donate please contact 
Seeking donations of raffle items: 
 - Art, craft, painting, drawings
 - gift certificates
 - gift baskets
 - t-shirts/clothing swag
All proceeds to support  the Bi'Giwen Indigenous Adoptee Gathering
The 2nd National Bi-Giwen Indigenous Adoptee Gathering is coming up August 25, 26,27th. It is an important unique event for Indigenous adoptees and their families and unlike any other specifically for those who identify with the 60's scoop.
The gathering is for adoptees/foster care survivors who have been impacted by the 60's scoop and their children.
To make this event successful we fundraiser all year long by hosting events, presentations and seek donations from the community, unions and churches.
Gardening at the Collective Kitchen
Everyday until Sept. 1, 5:30 PM @ 329 Bell St. S.
Carleton Food Collective.

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