Tools for Change Fall Workshop Series


Wed., Oct. 15, 10am-4pm @ Carleton Atrium (UniCentre Galleria)
Get involved with OPIRG Carleton and our numerous Working Groups. We'll be tabling in the Atrium at Carleton all day on Wed., Oct. 15.

WORKSHOP - Oh Canada, our home on Native Land: Discussing Decolonization

Thurs., Oct. 16, 2:30pm @ Loeb Bldg, Rm A204 (Carleton)
This workshop, led by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth, was born out of the Canadian Roots Exchange - Youth Reconciliation Initiative (YRI). This workshop strives to build cultural solidarity through an interactive dialogue about our relationships to the land and its histories. It will provide a more critical look at the contributions of Indigenous communities in Canadian history, while work towards dispelling stereotypes of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Join us in exploring  within ourselves and with each other what decolonization and reconciliation can look like. 


Fri., Oct. 17, 11 am @ National Gallery spider
Throughout the twentieth century, Ottawa was a magnet for protestors whose campaigns and demands still shape our world today. This tour visits 9-10 sites of protest, strike and rebellion to highlight some of the key events in the history of Ottawa and Canada, from events originating locally like the 1849 Stoney Monday Riot, to those which started elsewhere like the 1971 Abortion Rights Caravan. At each site, we will explore the context for the event, its outcome, and its significance for today. Limited to 15 spots so please RSVP to Meet at the National Gallery spider. 

WORKSHOP: Self Care / Healing

Fri., Oct. 17, 2:30 pm @ UniCentre Rm 376 (Carleton)
Coming Back to Our Bodies, Coming Back to the Earth workshop explores the relationship we have with our bodies and how this affects our ability and capacity to care for the world around us. Each participant will come away with the understanding of why it is important to be in our bodies and work through our traumas in order to be more effective activists, organizers and community support people. Everyone will leave with skills and knowledge to facilitate the continual progression back into our bodies. We will also explore our ideas around creating communities of care, how these communities can facilitate being in our bodies and, ultimately, create the conditions to end cycles of violence and oppression within our communities.


Posted on October 9, 2014 .