Wednesday Weekly Newsletter - July 1, 2015

OPIRG Carleton's Wednesday Weekly is your newsletter portal to social justice events and Working Group activities on campus and in the community.
Black Lives Matter Call to Action
Thurs, July 2, 5 PM @ Minto Park
Black Lives Matter - Ottawa Coalition is looking for a call to action from our Black brothers and sisters and people of colour brothers and sisters in our city.
We’re looking for community input on people of colour treatment in our city and the changes you would like to see from the community, the city, and the country.
This will be a very informal get together in Minto Park (On Elgin) in what we imagine to be a small circle of people simply giving us their points of views on how and why our community should implement change to better suit us all.
This will be a safe space for Black and people of colour only, as we hope to gain your interest in joining the movement we are starting with Black Lives Matter - Ottawa Coalition.
(Ally welcomed events will be held in the future.)
Black Lives Matter - Ottawa Coalition Facebook Page:
Solidarity with Greeks Against Austerity
Sat, July 4, 11 AM @ Greek Embassy, 80 Maclaren St.
Verniassage - Art Showcase
Sat, July 4, 7 PM @ Venus Envy
Fundraiser for Bursary Program at Venus Envy
March for Jobs, Justice & the Climate
Sun, July 5, 7 AM @ Bus to Toronto
350 Toronto and a large coalition of other groups are organizing this important march in the run-up to the Climate Summit of the Americas just prior to the Pan Am Games.
Departure time:   7 a.m.  — so be there by 6:30 or shortly thereafter.
Departure location:  University of Ottawa, in front of the Lamoureux building, 145 Jean-Jacques Lussier. 
Return time from Toronto:  6 p.m. — so be at the bus by 5:30-5:45 p.m.
Get your bus ticket  HERE.
Artists 4 Walking With Our Sisters
Sun, July 5, 1 PM @ Shenkman Arts Centre
Walking With Our Sisters is a commemorative art installation to honour the lives of missing and murdered Indigenous Women of Canada and the United States.
For more info visit: 
OPIRG Roots Radio
Next show: Tues, July 7, 12 Noon @ 93.1 CKCU FM / (every 2nd Tuesday). Now recruiting new hosts!! Contact:
Anti-Capitalist Pride Meeting
Tues, July 7, 7 PM @ *kind Community Centre
Because Capital Pride is NOT for queer and trans black people and people of colour, working-class and/or poor queer and trans people, or trans women! It does not express any of our rage or call for any of our needs! We aspire to fight for the liberation of all instead of celebrating false equality. Our liberation will not be funded by “pro-gay” banks! 
We plan to organize workshops, panels, and other events around the year with the help of the community to build the anti-capitalist pride movement. We also plan to organize an action to happen during Capital Pride that will be distinct from Pride-our fight does not end at gaining privileges for some at the cost of abandoning other oppressed people’s fights!
#RiseUpTO - Protest Pan Am Economic & Climate Summits
Wed, July 8, 7 AM @ Berczy Park, Toronto
Counter Summit: Peoples Social Forum
July 10-11@ Toronto
wheelchair accessible • childcare provided
Social Forum in Toronto to counter the Pan American Economic Summit that will bring the heads of Shell, Rockefeller Foundation, US, Canadian and European Chambers of Commerce, as well as Canada's Finance Minister, ex-Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres and John Negroponte to Toronto from July 8 to the 10th, 2015.
Starting July 10, the Peoples' Social Forum will be hosting a counter summit in Toronto, bringing together activists, students, unions, Indigenous peoples, youth, environmentalists, and hundreds of ordinary individuals to oppose the current political and economic direction of thiscountry, and propose a plurality of alternative paths towards a better world. 
This gathering will take place on Missassauga Anishinaabe territory. It has been a home and hunting grounds to many peoples, including the Haudenosaunee, Wendat, and the Mississaugas of the New Credit. It is the territory of the One Dish One Spoon treaty, which was made between the Anishinaabe and Haudenausonee in order to share hunting and fishing territories. What belongs to one belongs to all. In this spirit, we will come together to find ways to work together towards a more just and joyful world.
More information:
July 10: 5pm-9pm – The Peoples' Picnic Block Party: a kick-off for the Toronto Peoples' Social Forum
July 11: 9am-9pm – Toronto Peoples' Social Forum (opening, workshops, alt media fair and closing plenary
July 12: PSF General Assembly (only open to people/organizations involved with the PSF organizing)
Job Posting: Communications Coordinator
Deadline: July 12 @ PERC

Octopus Book Club
Wed, July 15, 6 PM @ Octopus Books Centretown 

Gardening at the Collective Kitchen
Everyday until Sept. 1, 5:30 PM @ 329 Bell St. S.
Carleton Food Collective.

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