OPIRG Carleton Statement on National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

On December 6, OPIRG Carleton recognizes the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. We ask everyone to take a pause, from their work and life to think and remember the women, women identifying, trans and two-spirit folks who have lost their life to violence and the folks who are living and resisting gender-based violence everyday. 

Gender-based violence is the most widespread and persistent human rights violation in the world, disproportionately targeting women of colour, Indigenous women and girls, two spirited people, women with disabilities, and LGBTQ people, especially trans women of colour. 

We are currently in a time where survivors are coming out with their stories and taking action against violent perpetrators. We applaud these brave individuals. We also acknowledge and remember survivors who cannot or did not speak out, and remember that their stories and experiences are also important - and recognize their courage.

We recognize survivors who cannot speak out but resist the toxic normalization of violence in their daily lives in their own ways.  

When speaking about gender-based violence, we also want to specifically remember and acknowledge First Nations, Indigenous and Metis women and two-spirit folks, who face gender-based violence from settlers as well as institutionally from the state. Today, we remember all the women and two-spirit folks who are missing or murdered. Opposing gender-based violence starts with us following in the paths of survivors and the families of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and two-Spirit people. 

Below are names of people we remember, however this list is not exhaustive. 

Genevieve Bergeron, Helene Colgan, Nathalie Croteau, Barbara Daignault, Anne-Marie Edward, Maud Haviarnick, Barbara Klucznick-Widajewicz, Maryse Lagaiere, Maryse Leclair, Anne-Marie Lemay, Sonia Pelletier, Michele Richard, Anne St. Arneault, Annie Turcotte, Charmaine Desa Lynn Jackson, Alloura Wells, 27, Marlene Bird, 50, Laura Babcock, 22, Tess Richey, 22, Sisi Thibert, 26, Barbara Kentner, 34, Josie Glenn, 26, Ryanna Grywacheski, 18, Cortney Lake, 24, Traci Generaux, 18, Victoria Head, 36, Shanna Desmond, 31, Aaliyah Desmond, 10, Dianna Mah-Jones, 65, Mylène Laliberté, 24, Rachelle Mair, 66, Asma Noor 32, Nasiba Noor, 29, Jane Doe (name protected by publication ban), 35, Courtney Scott, 16, Jordyn Belyk, 19, Marline Mars, 34, Jane Doe 76, Jane Doe, 78, Melanie Roussie, 36, Cindy McCormick, 46, Jane Doe, 60's, Sarabeth Ann Forbes, 33, Natasha Thompson, 36, Rori Hache, 18, Valerie Maurice, 29, Véronique Barbe, 41, Nicole Dragisic, 37, Tiffany Ear, 39, Glynnis Fox, 36, Marite Zala, 69, Susie Butlin, 58, Serena McKay, 19, Jane Doe, 70, Arianna Goberdhan, 27 (pregnant), Daphné Huard-Boudreault, 18, Jocelyne Pellerin, 70, Denise Hallé, 61, Janet Toupin-Lauzon, 56, Priscilla Lee Bond, 33, Gabrielle Lepage, 15, Melinda Vasilije, 22, Jane Doe, 62, Mirella Roncato, 54, Marrisa Shen, 13, Julia Sokolov, 24, Cheryl McVarish, 43, Dana Jessome, 28, Nicole Robar, 21, Chelsey Gauthier, 22, Tammy Avery, 39, Beata Paciorek, 35, Chantelle Hole, 25, Regina Fernandez, 49, Nancy McGrath, 39, Sheila Welsh, 65, Laura Ross, 27, Sheila Welsh, 65, Laura Ross, 27, Abbie Speir, 33, Weqiong Du-Sun, 46, Elsa Paolitto, 82, Siasi Tullaugak, 27, Sharon Barron, 27, Kiran (Bhavkiran) Dhesi, 19, Russia Nicholson, 23, Chelsie Probert, 18, Kory Lee Campbell, 22, Rosalyn Boyce, 30, Wendy Margaret Carlick, 51, Sarah MacIntosh, 53, Jane Doe, 14, Marcelle Magnan, 94 and countless more named and unnamed women, trans, and two spirit people.

Crisis Resources for Survivors: http://www.octevaw-cocvff.ca/crisis-resources

Our Turn National Action Plan to End Campus Sexual Violence: https://ssmu.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/our_turn_action_plan_final_english_web.pdf?x26516

Parts of this statement is taken from the Canadian Federation of Students' and from Facebook post by Kristen. 

Posted on December 6, 2017 .

Refund Period Announcement

OPIRG Carleton is your social justice resource center at Carleton. We are a student-run, student-led and student funded and exist to help broaden and expand your university experience by providing and promoting events and services. 

If you wish to ask for a refund of your OPIRG Carleton student levy, we would like you to consider the organization in a broad way, recognizing the diversity in our programming and services, working groups and events. For students who still object to campus-based social justice action, research and education, we will hold a levy refund period from: 

Monday, December 4th to Friday, December 8th

If you wish to obtain a refund, please visit our office (326 University Centre) between 10 AM - 4 PM on these dates and bring your student ID and proof of enrollment for the Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 year. We regret that our office isn't wheelchair accessible, so if you need to access the office but are unable to, please contact us and we will meet you in another space. 

Student Levy Amounts: 

  • Full-time undergraduate students: $3.64 per term
  • Full-time graduate students: $3.57 per term
  • part-time undergraduate students: $1.44 per credit
  • Part-time graduate students: $1.06 per term
Posted on November 29, 2017 .