Everyone is welcome to volunteer at the OPIRG! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done this kind of work before, and if you do have skills or knowledge of an issue, OPIRG is a great place to get involved and pass the knowledge on!

Volunteers are always welcome and can participate in many ways. No experience needed! Just download or print out the application forms below and email them to vopcopirg@gmail.com or bring them to OPIRG-Carleton in person.

OPIRG-Carleton Volunteer Application Form 2015 (PDF)

OPIRG-Carleton Volunteer Application Form 2015 (DOC)

Join a Working Group

A working group is an open collective of individuals that choose to work on a specific issue or campaign. They are trained to use consensus in their decision making and they share responsibilities among group members. At any time of the year there may be one or a dozen active working groups.

Using a collective process they engage in research, education and action to meet their group’s objectives. Each working group receives a small budget from OPIRG in order to advance their plans and must supply the Board of Directors with a budget for their planned activities

Working groups can commit as much or as little time as they like, but each working group should plan their objectives based on the time volunteers have to devote.

Curious about working groups?

Then check out our working groups in the above menu bar or view an overview on working groups at:

Help out with the office

Born to type? Love to file? We need you to keep the office (found at 326 University Centre) running smoothly.

What’s in it for you?

Being an active member of the OPIRG community gives you the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills. You can learn bike repairs, event organizing, horticulture, international issues, and more! Best of all, it gives you the opportunity to do something about the environmental, social and economic justice problems that we are faced with.

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