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Millhaven Lifers' Liaison Group

The Millhaven Lifers Liaison Group (MLLG) is made up of volunteers from the Ottawa community who have established a connection with people serving life sentences at Millhaven maximum security institution in Bath Ontario.

Our objective is to serve as a bridge between the community and the prisoners, with a view to supporting their eventual release and re-integration.

The MLLG’s mission is to maintain a positive, ongoing relationship with the Millhaven Lifers Group (MLG) in order to support successful releases through joint projects.


  • Holds regular, monthly meetings outside and inside the prison;

  • Contributes to MLG projects and initiatives such as “Story Time with Dad”;

  • Participates in events such as OPIRG Week, uOttawa’s Criminology Week & Social Justice Fair, Prison Justice Day and the International Conference on Prison Abolition (ICOPA);

  • Raises awareness through the exchange of information, laws and regulations;

  • Facilitates connections by engaging guest speakers and community-based groups;

  • Works with institutional staff to maintain communications and build understanding;

  • Advocates on the MLG’s behalf to ensure their human rights are respected and upheld; and,

  • Provides hope and encouragement.


Social Media:

Twitter: @MLLGottawa